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10 reasons the Original Honda NSX is the coolest JDM ever

In the early 1980s, Honda aimed to produce a concept car to show that it had a more luxurious name. They teamed up with the design professionals..


10 reasons the Original Honda NSX is the coolest JDM ever

In the early 1980s, Honda aimed to produce a concept car to show that it had a more luxurious name. They teamed up with the design professionals Pininfarina to produce the Honda HP-X (Honda Pininfarina eXperimental). The concept rocked management, and Honda used its most established engineers and designers to develop a production version of the HP-X. With the intention of being as fast as something from Germany or Italy, the team got to work.

Eventually, the designers and engineers of the prestigious HP-X would see the vehicle renamed as NSX (New Sports eXperimental). Branded as the Acura NSX for North America, perhaps the original NSX was the closest thing to a racing car to own! The NSX is a beast of a machine and one that inspires and proves that JDM sports cars can be just as cool, if not cooler, than American or European sports cars. That’s why we believe Japan will never build a cooler sports car.

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10 It inspired hypercars

1990 Honda NSX (Acura NSX in the US)

During the development of the NSX, Honda supplied engines for the McLaren F1 project. This close partnership gave designer Gordon Murray the opportunity to drive early prototypes. Murray originally chose the 911 as an inspiration; However, after driving the NSX, he fell in love and became a source of inspiration for the F1.

2005-yellow-Honda-NSXVia: Honda

Murray further commented that ride quality and handling would be the NSX benchmark for the F1; only the F1 would have to be much faster. Despite the increase in performance, the F1 uses the NSX’s drive-by-wire throttle and design cues that prove Honda’s supercars inspire hypercars.

9 Solid performance

2005-yellow-Honda-NSXVia: Honda

A technologically advanced C30A VTEC engine powered the very first models of the NSX. This engine was the first of its kind and featured titanium connecting rods and a direct injection aluminum alloy design capable of 270 hp with a manual or 252 hp with an automatic transmission.

Honda NSXABOUT: Youtube

In 1997 Honda replaced the original engine with the new C32B with 290 hp. In addition, Honda has given up the automatic transmission in favor of a five-speed or six-speed manual transmission.

8th Designed like a jet

Honda NSX - Front QuarterVia mecum auctions

The designers Nakano and Uehara took a lot of inspiration from the F-16 fighter aircraft. As a result, the driver’s cockpit was positioned forward to allow a better 360-degree view.

1st generation red Honda NSX Via: YouTube

In addition to the cockpit, the stern was also inspired by the stern of a jet. The NSX benefited from this design as it adds to high-speed directional stability and adds to the legendary handling that the NSX is known for!

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7th Exclusive price

Front 3/4 view of the NA1 NSXVia Honda

Honda’s goal with the NSX was to offer a supercar that was more practical and cheaper than anything Europe or America could produce. That goal was achieved because the original starting price was between $ 60,000 and $ 90,000, depending on features and options. This starting price was almost half of the targeted Ferrari 348!

Honda NSXabout me

While the new premium model isn’t discounted, the NSX was significantly more expensive than the next-best Skyline GT-R R32, which started at $ 42,650 in 1994.

6th Some serious chemistry

Japanese tuner Honda NSX

The Honda NSX was a technological advance as a road car. For the first time titanium was used in the engine. In addition, the NSX is the world’s first all-aluminum semi-monocoque production car that saves 885 pounds over a steel frame.

Honda NSX - Rear QuarterAbout WSupercars

This revolutionary frame and the suspension made of extruded aluminum alloy were praised for its rigidity and at the same time weight-saving properties. NSX models used for GT racing would even include carbon fiber in the frame, further reducing weight while improving strength.

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5 Racing performance

About Ebaumsworld

The Honda NSX had racing in its blood as two F1 drivers, Satoru Nakajima and Ayrton Senna, helped design the chassis. Honda even used GT1 and GT2 cars for the Le Mans 24 Hours based on NSX-R shells. While the NSX ranks 14th, it would do better in other areas.

Honda NSX Type-Rvia

The NSX has garnered multiple titles and positions on multiple circuits during its illustrious career. Most notably, the NSX-GT won an astonishing 36 races in the Super GT Series between 1997 and 2009. In addition, the NSX won the SCCA World Challenge in 1997!

4th Not available everywhere

Rare 2005 Honda NSX-R GT JDM CarVia: Pinterest

The Honda NSX is a rare car to start with, but it doesn’t help that the Honda branding has been replaced with the Acura branding in North America, which makes the Honda NSX a lot less common.

Honda NSX Type Rvia nsxprime

Aside from finding a Honda-branded NSX, several variants weren’t even available outside of Japan. These models are known to be the NSX-R and NSX-S. In addition, of the five homologated NSX-R GT cars, only one was sold!

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3 An insane second generation

High performance drive

Without the praise, skill, and styling of the original NSX, the second generation would never have been born. Although second-generation production will end with the 2022 model, the NSX with the NSX Type-S will launch from a staggering $ 169,500!

acura-nsx_via_car_connectionVia car connection

The 2022 NSX Type-S is the pinnacle of NSX performance. Equipped with a twin-turbo hybrid electric motor that produces an impressive 600 horsepower and 492 lb-ft of torque! This powerful engine is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission with seamless shifting waiting for the track!

2 Increasing popularity

The Honda NSX took the world by storm and rocked supercar manufacturers from Europe and America. Their popularity in gearboxes has never been higher and resources are available to help you import a Japanese NSX!

Honda NSX-RVia bra auction

While the rest of the JDM auto world is seeing a surge in popularity, the NSX continues to be considered one of the elusive ones. A rare NSX-R was auctioned off with a starting bid of $ 408,000, proving that these classic JDM supercars are hugely popular!

1 Built by Honda – in numbers

Acura Honda NSX Performance Supercar Factory Manufacturing Industry Productionvia

The Honda NSX has always been a fantastic model, but its rarity shows when you look at the numbers. 1991 was by far the most popular year with 3,163 units sold. Additionally, fewer than 250 were sold per year through 2005, which made the original NSX uncommon.

Acura Honda NSX Performance Supercar Factory Manufacturing Industry Productionvia

A total of 18,685 original Honda NSXs were sold. Almost half were sold in the US as the Acura NSX, which makes the Honda logo even more unique. And for most of the unique items, only 6 NSXs in Spa Yellow with a tan interior were sold, which makes these specimens the rarest!

2022 Acura NSX Type S

2022 Honda NSX Type S unveiled as the grand finale of the supercar nameplate

The debut is scheduled for August 12th at Monterey Car Week, which heralds the final year of production of the legendary supercar.

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