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Charles Leclerc “ready to wait” for the progress of the Ferrari F1

Leclerc "ready to wait" for Ferrari F1 progress

Ferrari has had problems so far in 2020 after its controversial “agreement” with the FIA, as the SF1000 was no longer powered and had to contend with the additional aerodynamic drag caused by its aerodynamic parts.

Leclerc took two surprise podiums in the first seven races, but Ferrari is currently still in fifth place in the constructors’ championship. This would be the worst position since 1981 (when it ended at that point) if it stayed there at the end of the race season.

Binotto said recently, “When you look back on all winning cycles, it always takes many years” for teams to be able to be victorious after falling off the front of the field.

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When asked if he could wait that long from at the pre-event press conference for the 2020 Italian Grand Prix in Monza, Leclerc, who has a Ferrari deal until the end of 2024, said: “Well, on the one hand, I have not really a choice.

“But yes, it will certainly take some patience and yes, I am ready to wait.

“But it’s also my job to keep this whole process as short as possible and get back to where we deserve it.

“So it won’t be easy. It will take some time, but I’m ready for it. And my job is to do my best in every situation we find ourselves in.”

Ferrari’s struggles with the SF100 will continue through 2021 due to coronavirus cost-saving measures that meant the majority of current cars will carry over to next year.

Leclerc stated that he is focused on thinking about how best to guide Ferrari through its current troubles while also being ready to make the most of the new designs arriving in 2022.

“Certainly there is a little bit of both on my mind, but I think the most important thing for now is to find out why we are struggling so much this year,” he said when asked how by he was considering Ferrari’s future.

“That will help the future anyway.

“So I try to work as hard as possible, like everyone on the team, to try to find the problems and have a solid base for the years to come.”

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