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Alonso: I can make a difference when it comes to crucial moments

Alonso: I can make a difference when it comes to crucial moments
Fernando Alonso pinpointed the area where he can add value at Aston Martin, and that is crucial moments where his long experience in Formula 1 will prove invaluable.

Fernando Alonso will race for Aston Martin in 2023, after he replaced retiring quadruple F1 Champion, Sebastian Vettel, and embarking his 21st F1 campaign.

At the age of 41, Alonso is still driving at a very high level, still aiming for wins, even title glory again to add to his two titles from 2005 and 2006, but time is running out, and Aston Martin – at their current state – are far from being contenders.

However, the Spaniard is optimistic and believes strongly in his new team as well as his abilities; as he decided to continue in top flight; he said: “I think I will not accept that and I will not continue if I don’t believe that we can have a chance.

“I don’t know if it’s one per cent chance or 10 per cent, but I will only continue because I believe that we will have a chance,” he added.

Alonso remains realistic that 2023 will not be his year; saying: “Next year to close the gap that Aston Martin has I think it’s unrealistic, but we need to put the foundation we need, to put the baseline to future cars and to work better than the people around us.

“This is a very competitive environment, so to become a champion you need to deliver something special. I’m ready to deliver something special from my side and I expect the same from the team,” he insisted.

Where can an “older” F1 driver add value?

With so many young talents on the F1 grid these days; how can having an “older” driver like Alonso be of any benefit for a team?

The Spaniard claims: “Where I believe I can make a difference is when it comes to crucial moments in the races, experience, decisions or thinking about the strategy.

“It’s not about the driving abilities, I think we all have high talent, driving cars fast. It’s more about the head and how you control a few things,” he explained.

As to how long he plans to hang around in F1; the 32-time grand prix winner said: “I think I would take it year by year.

“I do not know, [in 2021] I was maybe not 100%. If I do a few seasons like that, even if I perform from the outside okay but I don’t feel happy with myself, then maybe I stop.

“And [2022] for example, I feel very proud. I will continue whatever the results are next year, because I know what I can give to the team. So, I don’t know, two to three years for sure,” the veteran of 356 grands prix maintained.

First day in green.

Earlier this week, @alo_oficial made his debut at AMF1 HQ – meeting the team, spending time in the sim and having a seat fit. pic.twitter.com/myiuMu1gho

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